The Goal of a Lifetime – Captains of Zaatari (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - February 1, 2021
Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? Especially in the sports-film genre, the adrenaline and emotional rush of seeing a character go through all the tumultuous obstacles of life can be incredibly satisfying. There’s a reason why Hollywood is continuing to produce these sorts of films. They're not only accessible, but they're quite emotionally gratifying

Mother Nature Weeps – Taming the Garden (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 31, 2021
There’s a certain level of commonality within any nature documentary. Themes about the environment and sustainability is a universally known topic, and regardless of the location or specific subject of choice, there will always be something unique in the general tone and presentation of these sorts of films. In some ways, it’s the very reason

The Legacy of Tadzio & Björn – The Most Beautiful Boy in the World (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 29, 2021
In 1975, David Bowie released Young Americans. One of Bowie’s most influential works, the album contained some of the more notoriously beloved bangers of the mid-1970’s. These tracks include the delirious ‘Fame’. For those who haven't listened to the song, Bowie highlights the spiralling nature of excess, control, and the loss of identity with repetitive