Just Like Clockwork – Interlude (Short Film Review)

Posted by - November 17, 2015
The ability to create an engaging and powerful film amidst the cornucopia of movie making in this modern age seems challenging enough. Indeed, with editing software and HD cameras available on even the smallest budget nowadays, films are being made at an alarming rate by folk from almost every crevice of society. Creating a suitable

Back in Crime – Over (Short Film Review)

Posted by - November 17, 2015
Presenting us at first with a typical suburban street somewhere in West London, a crime scene then begins to play out in reverse; the clean-up, the removal of the body, the discovery and then finally the shocking incident itself. Throughout the film, we are drip-fed pieces of evidence, as the action switches between the crime

Moving On – North (Short Film Review)

Posted by - November 3, 2015
Death is the only certainty in life. Well, that and taxes. Despite all of our best efforts, our gluten free, vegan lifestyles and perpetual quests for the fountain of immortality, it is truly the only thing that we can be sure of. That said, the loss of a loved one is still one of the