Walking Wizards – Dan Fogler (The VH Interview)

Posted by - December 9, 2019
Fans of The Walking Dead were delightfully surprised when star of The Wizarding World, Dan Fogler was cast as music teacher with a heart of gold, Luke. We managed to catch a few moments with Dan as he took a breather at this year's Walker Stalker Con in London to chat about his time on the show, as

Symphony of Awesome – Callan McAuliffe (The VH Interview)

Posted by - April 1, 2019
Australian actor Callan McCauliffe has stolen the hearts of The Walking Dead fans as Saviour-turned-singer, Alden, since his debut in season eight. After being promoted to series regular this year, he has had to deal with Whisperers, band rehearsals, and the tragic loss of his lover, Enid. We were very lucky to catch up with Callan at this year's

On the Road Again – Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 (DVD Review)

Posted by - December 17, 2018
Coming into the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead is very much akin to your first day of high school. After a year of feeling on top of the world, you’re suddenly thrust into a new and unknown place where, sure, there are a couple of people you recognise from last year, but it’s

And Still I Smile – The Walking Dead Season 8 (DVD Review)

Posted by - September 20, 2018
September is a great time of year to be a fan of The Walking Dead. Each year at this time, Fear is winding towards its annual climax, the web is abuzz with rumours for the next season, and, of course, we get the home media release of previous adventures, just in time for a binge

5 Ways the Fear/The Walking Dead Crossover Could Work

Posted by - October 9, 2017
Since the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, the prequel/spin-off/sister-show to AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead back in 2015, speculation has run amok that someday the two shows would cross over in some spectacular fashion. As such, when creator Robert Kirkman took to the stage at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, fans were shocked when

What We’re Watching

Posted by - October 8, 2017
Summer used to be a TV dead time. That time of year that we’re all supposed to be playing outside, and as such nothing good was ever on TV. Autumn came, tele was great again, but until the leaves started falling, it was almost pointless tuning in unless you wanted to spend your evening watching