The Making of a Mankiewicz – Mank (Film Review)

Posted by - December 13, 2020
On April 10th 2003, Jack Fincher passed away, leaving behind a shamble of lost ideas and an un-produced screenplay. In the time before his passing, his son David had just entered the Hollywood sphere, producing notable 90’s classics such as Fight Club and Se7en. The familiar connection between the two can best be described as

Gloom and Doom – The Souvenir (EIFF Review)

Posted by - July 15, 2019
Julia (Honor Swinton Byrne) wants to make a film that tells a story outside of her comfort zone and her experience. This is her passion but as her relationship with Anthony (Tom Burke) takes over her life, her ambition and her work are left to the side. The relationship manifests slowly, giving time for Julia