Nurse Ratched and Her Unwanted Origin Story

Posted by - September 29, 2020
Milos Forman’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is an undeniable classic. Based on the book by Ken Kesey, it presents a very candid look at the state of mental institutions in the 1970s. Jack Nicholson does his best to steal every scene he’s in as the devious and perpetually outgoing R.P. McMurphy, a man

VH Top 10 Films of The Year – 9) Joker

Posted by - December 12, 2019
I can't remember a movie that has been as heavily discussed as Joker prior to its release. The discourse has swirled between five-star raves from the festival circuit and think pieces pondering the possible portrayal of Joker as a folk hero for entitled men, or even an incel ripped from the comments section of a

The VH Weekly News Round-Up (27/08/2017)

Posted by - August 27, 2017
Hello and welcome to VultureHound‘s weekly news round-up, where we bring you the biggest and best news to come out of the film industry every Sunday. Sometimes in this segment, I make an attempt at a witty intro. Sometimes I just run through what's been going on recently; whether that be with VultureHound or things I've

“Crumbs are worth millions” – War Dogs (Film Review)

Posted by - August 29, 2016
The newest Todd Phillips film isn’t so much like the films he’s famous for; The Hangover trilogy; and more like a ‘true story’ from another famously comedic director; Adam McKay’s The Big Short. Based on a 2011 Rolling Stone article by Guy Lawson, the film follows David Packouz (Teller) who reconnects with his old school