Reclaiming the Rotten: Karyn Kusama’s Æon Flux (2005)

Posted by - April 5, 2021
Each month, we at FilmHounds take a look at a director’s back catalogue and pick their lowest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes and ask ourselves – why? Why is it their least loved among critics? Regardless, we attempt to see the good in it. This Month: Karyn Kusama’s ÆON FLUX (2005)  Rating: 9% Karyn Kusama

Steam Winter Sale 2018: What’s In Your Cart?

Posted by - January 27, 2019
So we find ourselves coming to the end of January; ubiquitously known by all as 'December's hangover'. After the chaos of Christmas, the brandy mist has cleared, and the pine-needle dust has settled, inducing a sense of clarity and reflection that usually takes the form of a 'New Year's Resolution', a 'Spring Clean', or jumping on