The Goal of a Lifetime – Captains of Zaatari (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - February 1, 2021
Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? Especially in the sports-film genre, the adrenaline and emotional rush of seeing a character go through all the tumultuous obstacles of life can be incredibly satisfying. There’s a reason why Hollywood is continuing to produce these sorts of films. They're not only accessible, but they're quite emotionally gratifying

The Power of Community – Hive (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 31, 2021
Blerta Basholli’s Hive opens with a harrowing long take in a camp lined with cloth-adorned corpses. These bodies come from the aftermath of a devastating war in Kosovo, which left more than 1600 victims to this day missing and unidentified. As the film’s lead heroine Fahrije seeks for the body of her late husband, the

Mother Nature Weeps – Taming the Garden (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 31, 2021
There’s a certain level of commonality within any nature documentary. Themes about the environment and sustainability is a universally known topic, and regardless of the location or specific subject of choice, there will always be something unique in the general tone and presentation of these sorts of films. In some ways, it’s the very reason
Alistair Petrie, Amelia Crouch and Simon Kunz appear in Eight for Silver by Sean Ellis, an official selection of the Premieres section at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Sean Ellis.

Full Moon Rising – Eight for Silver (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 31, 2021

Campfire stories of ghouls, witches, and werewolves have been part of tradition for quite some time now. For centuries, people have huddled together and communally spread these stories of the supernatural around the globe. Even from the early days of cinema, these monsters have been consistently represented through numerous generations behind the camera. As technology

Swiping Right – Searchers (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 31, 2021
During the dark quarantine witching hours of January 3rd, 2020, I created my first ever dating profile. After months of deliberation and joking about creating an actual page with my friends and followers, I finally gave in to the trend of the common Tinder profile. Part of me was incredibly insecure in creating a profile,

Living a Double Life – A Look Into The World of Superior

Posted by - January 31, 2021
Six years ago, New York-based filmmaker Erin Vassilopoulos released a short film titled Superior. The film tells the tale of an unusual flirtatious encounter between two twin sisters and a mysterious stranger. With its bold level of cinematic honesty and authenticity, the film resonated with both Sundance and Berlinale audiences alike. Since the release of

Composing The Cycles of Trauma – A Discussion with Gavin Brivik on Wild Indian (The FH Interview)

Posted by - January 30, 2021
A film bound to initiate conversation and potential controversy at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr’s Wild Indian is an emotionally devastating portrait of deeply rooted colonialist assimilation against Indigenous culture. It’s a harrowing watch, a film that’s equal parts bold and bleak in its sincere approach at tackling the hefty subject

“Creation is a Very Lonely Place” – Ailey (Sundance 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - January 30, 2021
In recent years, filmmakers worldwide have been testing the technological limits of the traditional art-focused documentary. Attempting to emulate a similar spirit to the artists that they desperately want to pay homage towards, the rise of gimmicks and other innovative trends have transpired upon these recent productions. Some films such as Wim Wenders’ Pina is