“Why Would Anyone Stay Here?” – Sensation (Film Review)

Posted by - April 10, 2021
Not every film can be regarded as a recommended watch, no matter how much time and effort is put into the project from the cast and crew. There are certainly plenty of films that are regarded as bad from most audiences, but through sheer charm and earnestness they become enjoyable B-movies much like The Room.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4 (TV Review)

Posted by - April 9, 2021
Warning: This review contains spoilers for the previous three episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier but thoughts on episode four are spoiler-free   After the success of WandaVision earlier this year, Marvel promised to follow up their first series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with a compelling espionage drama and have executed

A Chilling Ghost Story – The Power (Film Review)

Posted by - April 8, 2021
Corinna Faith’s The Power is a chilling ghost story, set in 1970s Britain. Times are difficult and every night the country is plunged into darkness in order to conserve energy amid miners’ strikes. Val (Rose Williams) is already afraid of the dark, we witness her turning on every light in her small living quarters following

NOW TV rebrands as NOW

Posted by - March 16, 2021
NOW TV is Sky's premium streaming subscription service. Since 2012 it has been providing Sky customers with hours of entertainment from TV shows to films and even live football matches. With the recent addition of several new channels accommodating for the latest HBO shows and hundreds of documentaries and comedies, NOW TV customers have recently

The Russo Brothers Unleashed – Cherry (Film Review)

Posted by - March 13, 2021
Tom Holland stars in the Russo Brothers' first directorial outing since Avengers: Endgame. The protagonist known only as Cherry in the credits guides us through ten years of his life as he goes from university student to soldier to bank robber. Along the way, we meet the love of his life, some quirky life long

“Brighton was perfect for a story like Justine” – Director Jamie Patterson On His New Film ‘Justine’ (The FH Interview)

Posted by - March 5, 2021
Justine is coming to Curzon Home Cinema on March 5, promising to bring a realistic, and gritty drama to our screens, whilst exploring the heart-breaking storyline of a young addict. Justine struggles with addiction in all aspects of her life, but the underlying hopeful theme of love constantly tries to break down her barriers. Brighton-born indie

“What Do 16-Year-Olds Care About?” – Moxie (Film Review)

Posted by - March 1, 2021
Amy Poehler might be one of the funniest women to grace our planet. Her comic delivery and timing are incomparable as is her ability to craft a joke that’ll make your belly hurt from laughing. In 2019, Poehler directed the amusing, but forgettable Wine Country for Netflix and now returns to the streaming giant with

What We’re Watching

Posted by - April 26, 2018
So it seems that we've finally been thrown out of the dreary, grey drizzle of winter and suddenly chucked head-first into the blistering heat of summer; like leaving a car park in Stoke and being greeted by the uncomfortably stuffy gust of hot air that's blown in your face upon traipsing unto the breach of