“We all float down here!” Stephen King’s IT at 30

Posted by - November 18, 2020
The legendary horror story of Pennywise and the Losers’ Club celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, following the release of the hit mini-series in November 1990. An adaptation of Stephen King’s award-winning 1986 novel, this tormenting and frightful narrative has stood the test of time and is arguably some of King’s most recognisable and memorable

“The Sparrows Are Flying Again” – The Dark Half (Blu-ray Review)

Posted by - October 16, 2019
The Dark Half has an awful lot going for it. On the one hand, it united Stephen King and George A. Romero to make a delightfully misshapen horror maestro homunculus. It also boasts an entertaining premise, in which an acclaimed writer is tormented by a physical manifestation of the hyper-masculine, aggressive, pulp fiction pseudonym he

“I Never Left… I Remember All Of It” – It Chapter Two (Film Review)

Posted by - September 3, 2019
Andy Muschietti's It was the rarest of things – a bona fide horror blockbuster. The Argentine director's adaptation of the first half of Stephen King's book earned more than $700m at the global box office in 2017, becoming the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. The sequel had a lot of pressure on its shoulders,

“It’s Not a Monster; It’s Just a Doggy” – Cujo (Blu-Ray Review)

Posted by - April 29, 2019
Stephen King is usually at his best when he's working with a stripped-down, killer premise, whether it's the confinement of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining or the resurrection with strings attached in Pet Sematary. In that vein, King adaptations often strip his longer novels down to that core essence, while somehow extending his short

VultureHound’s Weekly News Round-Up (15/04/2018)

Posted by - April 15, 2018
Hello and welcome to VultureHound's weekly news round-up, where we bring you the biggest and best news to come out of the film industry every Sunday. We're now only two weeks out from the biggest superhero blockbuster ever, Avengers: Infinity War, and this week, the news came out that the film has already pre-sold more tickets than

Stephen King on Screen

Posted by - September 11, 2017
The BFI are known for their film and TV seasons, changing with the actual seasons, sometimes in connection with a major release or prominent anniversary. Genres have been explored; filmmakers and actors of note too have had their time to shine across the screens of the institute. It is a rare occasion to have an

The VH Weekly News Round-Up (02/07/2017)

Posted by - July 2, 2017
Even as a comic-book fan, some days it can feel like super-hero movies are a bit too prevalent in todays film industry. The VH Weekly News Round-Up is now in it's eleventh week, and out of those eleven round-ups, only one of them has managed to list out five bits of big film news without

Josh Boone making New Mutants an X-Men ‘horror movie’

Posted by - May 25, 2017
In the past twenty years, movies based on Marvel comic books have become incredibly common-place, but not everyone considers that to be a good thing. The majority of these movies come from Marvel Studios themselves, and in recent years, some have argued that their movies are becoming somewhat repetitive; similar tropes and a similar feel