The film we need right now – Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Film Review)

Posted by - October 29, 2020
In 2006, Borat Sagdiyev was excitable, inquisitive, and energetic. Within the first few words of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, you find about a third of that is missing. His voice is flatter, more monotonous; he doesn’t really sound like he’s smiling. That’s because he probably isn’t. Under the guise of the ousted Kazakh journalist, known for

Rami Malek: He will, he will rock you as Freddie Mercury

Posted by - November 8, 2016
After smaller roles in films like Night at the Museum trilogy, Rami Malek captured the hearts of many as Elliot Alderson; lead character of the critically acclaimed television series Mr. Robot. Now, the Emmy Award-winning actor is going to be moving from fictional hackers to real-life superstars as he becomes Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biographical drama Bohemian