“A Slice of Life in Mother Russia” – Dear Comrades! Film Review

Posted by - January 8, 2021
The idea of a director with the same style as Ken Loach but from Russia is not often mentioned. However, after watching Dear Comrades!, you'll realise it's the combination you've been waiting for. Dear Comrades! is a Russian film set in the Soviet Union in 1962. After the government increases food prices, workers in an

For the Sake of Hyper-Realism – DAU. Natasha (FNC 2020 Review)

Posted by - October 30, 2020
In 2009, the largest film set ever constructed in Europe was born. Several hundred cast and crew members left their everyday lives to attend to this set, where they would completely alter their identity to match the exact personalities and mannerisms of a person living during the Soviet Cold War era. The project is now

“Our People Forget Everything So Quickly” – Conference (FNC 2020 Review)

Posted by - October 29, 2020
Returning from his 2018 FNC-selected Jumpman, Russian auteur Ivan Tverdovsky returns to the Montreal-based festival; only this time around as part of the renowned Les Incontournables program. The Les Incontournables selection is usually reserved for the most prestigious of auteurs; filmmakers who have drafted and toiled masterworks through decades of determination and craft. At only