The Descent

31 Days of Horror – The Descent

Posted by - October 16, 2020
Spelunking. Even the word sounds like something you couldn't pay me to do, let alone invite me to do as part of a pleasant weekend away. The potential for danger is right there in those three, ugly-sounding syllables. It's that danger which provides Neil Marshall's 2005 nightmare The Descent – the scariest movie ever made

Take a look at Harbour’s Hellboy

Posted by - September 14, 2017
To many, especially those who haven't read the comics, Ron Perlman IS Hellboy. And so when it was announced that the movie series was being rebooted with Stranger Things' David Harbour in the title role, many wondered what sort of look this new Hellboy would take on. Well, Hellboy fans, wait no longer, because the fresh and