“The Sparrows Are Flying Again” – The Dark Half (Blu-ray Review)

Posted by - October 16, 2019
The Dark Half has an awful lot going for it. On the one hand, it united Stephen King and George A. Romero to make a delightfully misshapen horror maestro homunculus. It also boasts an entertaining premise, in which an acclaimed writer is tormented by a physical manifestation of the hyper-masculine, aggressive, pulp fiction pseudonym he

A Bad Day at the Office – The Belko Experiment (DVD Review)

Posted by - August 20, 2017
In the world of office politics, it’s kill or be killed. There you go, The Belko Experiment, there’s your new tagline. Directed by Greg McLean, the writer of genre classics such as Wolf Creek and Rogue, and written by James “Sorry ‘bout Scooby Doo 2, but surely Guardians, Slither and Super made up for it?”