Music is the blood and the venom – Vox Lux (Film Review)

Posted by - May 3, 2019
Sometimes someone’s story is far more interesting and valuable than what they create. In the case of Celeste, its all about the singer rather than her songs. Named as a 20th Century portrait, this doesn’t explore what it means to be in the last century but merely when its set. The story of Celeste, of

VH Top Ten Films of the Year – No. 7) Sorry To Bother You

Posted by - December 7, 2018
Ever wondered what would happen if you could change your voice to be more appealing to those on the other end of the phone? That is just one element to Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, the Sundance hit. A comedy that poses questions about the state of living, what art can be AND what

The topic of conversation – Girl (London Film Festival Review)

Posted by - October 18, 2018
Transgender men and women have been the topic of conversation for some time. Concerning rights and commenting on how they are portrayed, especially in the media. Pushing all this aside, Girl is an intermittent portrait of a girl who wants to dance and be the girl she is. Lara is fifteen, a ballet dancer and

The Haunted Thread – In Fabric (London Film Festival Review)

Posted by - October 17, 2018
An intriguing story about a haunted garment that causes destruction and death to whoever wears it sounds like it could be this year’s Rubber but with a Peter Strickland twist that won’t be to everyone’s taste. With an enticing sale on at Dentley & Soper’s Trusted Department Store, bank clerk Shelia buys a red dress

“Rarely a happy moment” – Joy (London Film Festival Review)

Posted by - October 16, 2018
The need and want for a better life is something everyone craves. Some will do almost anything for what they believe is a better. But after getting to where you want to be, sometimes it’s hard to admit, the grass is always greener. Director Sudabeh Mortezai focuses on the sex trafficking in Europe, a never-ending