“This Story is Bittersweet and Melancholic” – ‘Old Boys’ Star and Director Alex Lawther and Toby MacDonald (Interview)

Posted by - February 25, 2019
Britain doesn't really have a high school movie genre, but it does have its fair share of films set within the confines of boarding schools. The latest to step within the unusual halls of privileged, fee-paying education is Old Boys. It's a reworking of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac story, directed by first-time feature helmsman

“I’ll Blast Her With My Charm Bazooka” – Old Boys (Film Review)

Posted by - February 13, 2019
If any actor working today can complain of being typecast at a very young age, it's Alex Lawther. The British star of Ghost Stories and The End of the F**king World has already been thoroughly pigeon-holed as the go-to guy for socially dysfunctional and slightly unsettling weirdos. In that respect, Old Boys is more of

Best Canine Companions in film

Posted by - January 21, 2019
Based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron (A Dog’s Purpose), A Dog's Way Home is a story about the heart-warming relationship between Bella (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard) and her best friend and owner Lucas (Jonah Hauer-King). After being separated from her quaint life with Lucas, Bella must make a 400-mile journey to be