In the Magazine: Interview with Jason Isaacs

Posted by - December 20, 2020
Legendary British actor Jason Isaacs has clocked up an impressive array of characters over the course of his career. From Harry Potter to Star Trek, there are few facets of pop culture he hasn’t managed to make his way into. In his latest venture, Skyfire, he finds himself the owner of a doomed volcano theme

“Every conceivable cliché” – Skyfire (Film Review)

Posted by - November 16, 2020
Disaster movies are invariably poor. The bad ones are appalling, take 2014’s Pompeii for example, and even the more respected editions like The Towering Inferno are critically underwhelming. The 2010s have not done anything to propel the genre, with trashcan blockbuster flicks like Geostorm and San Andreas leading the way. With recycled themes and predictable

Ruh-Roh – Scoob! (Blu-Ray Review)

Posted by - September 24, 2020
Mystery Incorporated are back on the case in the latest cinematic outing for the Scooby Gang. There’s rarely been a time that Scooby hasn’t been on the small screen in some fashion since his creation in the original Hanna-Barbera cartoons back in 1969. The last time we saw Scoob, Shaggy Fred, Daphne and Velma in