“Brokeback Got Us Good, Didn’t It?” – Brokeback Mountain at 15

Posted by - December 10, 2020
Pop quiz hotshot, at the 78th Annual Academy Awards in 2005 the nominees for Best Picture were: Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Crash, Good Night, and Good Luck., and Munich. Of those five which won the award? The smart money would say it was the one that has stayed in our collective consciousness for fifteen years, but

‘It provides us with a dose of reality’ – Wildlife (DVD Review)

Posted by - March 14, 2019
Before Jake Gyllenhaal dives into our wonderful fantasy world known as the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ for Spider-Man: Far From Home, a polar opposite type of film starring Mr. Gyllenhaal comes your way on DVD. It’s rather refreshing when a story for the big screen revolves around common events that occur in people’s everyday lives and

“All Art is Dangerous” – Velvet Buzzsaw (Film Review)

Posted by - February 6, 2019
The oceans of money pouring out of Netflix have allowed a lot of unusual movies to be made. It takes a studio with serious fortitude to back a movie like Alfonso Cuaron's Roma or Duncan Jones's Mute, while also throwing millions of dollars at Adam Sandler for reasons best understood to themselves. It's like someone

VultureHound’s Weekly News Round-Up (27/05/2018)

Posted by - May 27, 2018
Hello and welcome to VultureHound's weekly news round-up, where we bring you the biggest and best news to come out of the film industry every Sunday. Solo: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas now, going head to head with other big blockbusters such as Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Interestingly enough, each film features a surprise cameo from

The VH Weekly News Round-Up (21/05/2017)

Posted by - May 21, 2017
VultureHound's Weekly News Round-Up rounds out its first month today. For all you readers who either don't have time for or may have missed all your film news during the week, we've been rounding up five of the biggest and best news stories every weekend. If you want to see what you may have missed