A Chilling Ghost Story – The Power (Film Review)

Posted by - April 8, 2021
Corinna Faith’s The Power is a chilling ghost story, set in 1970s Britain. Times are difficult and every night the country is plunged into darkness in order to conserve energy amid miners’ strikes. Val (Rose Williams) is already afraid of the dark, we witness her turning on every light in her small living quarters following

“You Must Be Starving” – Honeydew (Film Review)

Posted by - March 27, 2021
Devereux Milburn’s debut feature is full of slow burn chaos and Honeydew drips with uneasiness. The film might be too weird and slow for some, but within beats a deliciously wicked heart and it might even prove bizarre enough to garner a small cult following. Sam (Sawyer Spielberg and yes, they’re related) and Rylie (Malin

“A Noticeably Weak Connective Tissue” – Country of Hotels (Film Review)

Posted by - March 18, 2021
Anthologies can be great ways to tell stories that are creative and original but don’t necessitate an entire focus to them – especially in horror. Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk and Joyce Carol Oates have all created short story collections to showcase ideas they liked but didn’t think they were book-length on their own. When it
A woman wearing a brown hooded raincoat, looks down with a concerned expression. Behind is a treeline.

“Dream well” – Sacrifice (Film Review)

Posted by - March 15, 2021
Sacrifice is the worst thing a horror film can be: boring. On paper, it has the potential to be a fun ride, a cosmic horror featuring the legendary Barbara Crampton, but unfortunately, Sacrifice is bland, bloated and not scary in the slightest. Inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and Paul Kane’s short story Men

Sweet Dream Or A Beautiful Nightmare – Come True (Film Review)

Posted by - March 12, 2021
Be it Freddy Kruger’s boiler room in A Nightmare on Elm Street, pulling off heists in Inception, or Fellini’s fantasies in 81/2, the world of dreams has often been fertile ground to explore in cinema across many different genres. They are perhaps most fitting to the horror genre, what with the potential of creating nightmarish

A Dinner Party Which Lacks Bite – Climate Of The Hunter (Film Review)

Posted by - March 1, 2021
As a genre, horror films have undergone a whole host of transitions. From all-out blood and guts to the more psychological thriller there has always been something there to make our skin crawl. But something that seems to have been forgotten to time in the genre is its over-the-topness and the idea that horror can