Get me Ken Burns! – Narratives Of Modern Genocide (Film Review)

Posted by - January 25, 2021
Documentaries as a medium are a fantastic way to tell real stories. Whenever a film tells a true story, there are always some things that are cut or may be added to make the story more cinematic. Documentaries tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The makers of this documentary clearly went

“A Slice of Life in Mother Russia” – Dear Comrades! Film Review

Posted by - January 8, 2021
The idea of a director with the same style as Ken Loach but from Russia is not often mentioned. However, after watching Dear Comrades!, you'll realise it's the combination you've been waiting for. Dear Comrades! is a Russian film set in the Soviet Union in 1962. After the government increases food prices, workers in an

Documentaries To Watch If You’re Interested In… Tudor England

Posted by - June 19, 2016
  Hidden Killers Of The Tudor Home Available on Youtube; If you read my post 'Documentaries To Watch If You're Interested In... The Victorian Era' you'll remember the documentary 'Hidden Killers Of The Victorian Home', well Hidden Killers Of The Tudor Home is exactly the same but discussing Tudor homes. In fact, there's a full series

Documentaries To Watch If You’re Interested In… The Victorian Era

Posted by - April 24, 2016
The Children Who Built Victorian Britain Available On Youtube; If you've been outside in the past sixty or so years you will imagine Victorian Britain as Dick Van Dyke smiling smugly with brush (as pictured above), and while that's a lovely image it is also far from the truth. The building of the Industrial Revolution

Documentaries To Watch If You’re Interested In… Macabre History

Posted by - April 21, 2015
The Great Plague Of London Available on Youtube; One thing that can guarantee to put the shivers up anyone is the plague doctors of 1665, those creepy bird-like masks set off a great fear of masks (in general) for me. Many people have seen these masks and know exactly where they came from, the great