Monsters Collide in New Godzilla vs. Kong UK Release Date

Posted by - March 12, 2021
Warner Bros. UK have just confirmed that their much anticipated monster showdown Godzilla vs. Kong will be available to rent at home in the UK from April 1st across digital platforms. It means that the film will be available to watch here in the UK the day after the film is released in cinemas and on HBO

A Poorly Executed Pandemic Picture- Locked Down (Film Review)

Posted by - March 11, 2021
It’s getting to that point now where all the films made during lockdown are starting to be released. We’ve had films such as Songbird and Malcolm & Marie already and now Warner Bros. are bringing their lockdown comedy-heist film to the UK this week after its debut on HBO MAX in America earlier this year.

Tom and Jerry Take Manhattan – Tom & Jerry (Film Review)

Posted by - February 28, 2021
It’s tempting to be cynical about a movie that wasn’t made for you. Sure, plenty of movies categorized as kids films or family films manage to appease both child and parent. Disney and Pixar have pretty much nailed this formula, their movies often beloved by all ages. But when a film is clearly made to