What We’re Watching

Posted by - April 26, 2018
So it seems that we've finally been thrown out of the dreary, grey drizzle of winter and suddenly chucked head-first into the blistering heat of summer; like leaving a car park in Stoke and being greeted by the uncomfortably stuffy gust of hot air that's blown in your face upon traipsing unto the breach of

On PewDiePie and the Importance of Context

Posted by - February 22, 2017
I was never a huge fan of PewDiePie's content. My concept of him and his work consisted of a wacky, loud, annoying Swedish guy that plays Happy Wheels and Five Nights At Freddy's on an endless loop. Having said this, I have a vivid memory of watching TV a couple of years ago, flicking through channels, looking for