Raúl Briones in Una película de policías | A Cop Movie by Alonso Ruizpalacios | MEX 2021, Competition | © No Ficcion

Performance Patrol – A Cop Movie (Berlinale 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - March 4, 2021
As of late, there's been two primary cinema-related trends that are being consistently screened within the independent film scene. The first being pandemic set features — films that prominently self-reference and utilise the lockdown setting as means to create further comedic and dramatic effect. The second form are commentaries on the recent media attention to
Fusako Urabe, Aoba Kawai | Guzen to sozo | Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy by Ryusuke Hamaguchi JPN 2021, Competition © 2021 Neopa/Fictive Still Courtesy: M-Appeal

Succumbing to the Rhythm of Life – Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Berlinale 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - March 4, 2021
When Ryūsuke Hamaguchi debuted his five-hour epic Happy Hour at Locarno six years ago, his long-deserved repertoire finally came into the international limelight. For those unfamiliar with his filmography, his work is consistently devastating, as he produces and writes nuanced stories that feature a muted directional form. With his latest feature Wheel of Fortune and
Daniel Brühl, Peter Kurth in Nebenan | Next Door by Daniel Brühl | DEU 2021, Competition | © Reiner Bajo

Love Thy Neighbour – Next Door (Berlinale 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - March 1, 2021
A formula-one racer, a devilish propaganda-sponsoring Nazi, and a scientist on the verge of a cloning breakthrough. For Daniel Brühl, it seems as though no role is too obscure for him to handle. Throughout his extensive career, the European actor has delivered some of the most iconic performances in both independent and awards-caliber films alike.
Dan Stevens, Maren Eggert in Ich bin dein Mensch | I’m Your Man by Maria Schrader | DEU 2021, Competition | © Christine Fenzl

Automated Affection – I’m Your Man (Berlinale 2021 Film Review)

Posted by - March 1, 2021
In 2013, Spike Jonze introduced the world to the soft-spoken OS 'Samantha'. Since the release of Her and its romantic ordeals on the clash of technology with the modern-day dating sphere — filmmakers and screenwriters have been modifying their own unique technology-based parables with the underlying concept of universal yearning. Another notable example is Denis
FILE - The Baeren (Bears) awards are lined up during the award ceremony for the 2020 Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, on Feb. 29, 2020. Organizers say the annual Berlin International Film Festival is being put off this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and split into two parts later in 2021. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn, File)

A Look Into The Berlinale 2021 Lineup

Posted by - February 12, 2021
The prestigious title of the Golden Bear is an award that many consider to be one of the most prominent accolades in the film industry. For good reason too! Every year, the Berlinale Film Festival rounds around fifteen of the best feature titles of its selected year, in a fight of talent and cinematic artistry.