New Interactive Mobile Drama Tackles Racism And Police Profiling

Posted by - March 30, 2021
Dead Man's Phone is a new interactive mobile crime drama which has launched on Apple and Google Play stores today. The game is aimed at confronting issues surrounding police profiling, gang related violence and racism. Inspired by Britain's love of all things true crime, Dead Man's Phone is a "found phone" interactive drama that puts

Speed Kills – FutureGrind (PS4 Review)

Posted by - February 23, 2019
For some reason, I keep picking to review games with punishing difficulty scales. I don't know whether I'm discovering some previously unrealised sado-masochistic urge, though let's be honest, it's always been there. I've watched all the Sharknado films, more than once for example. Despite being renowned as probably the worst gamer of the VultureHound team, I

GRIS – Reveal Trailer for Devolver Digital’s Latest

Posted by - August 13, 2018
Good lord. I remember when Devolver Digital used to deal exclusively in guns, gore and explosions, usually with some combination of all three. This is as far from the established Devolver brand as you could possibly get, yet instead of it being a worrying sign of dilution, they are intensifying it with diversity. Devolver means indie

Because Football Needed More Lasers – Laser League (PS4 Review)

Posted by - June 8, 2018
In the age of Rocket League, sports games are no longer just for sports people or whoever the target market was for those Mario football games (me, is the answer. I bought both of them). These days, there's still room for direct realistic simulations but then there's also room for less serious, casual play, like the

Digital Incapability- The Inadaptability Games to Film

Posted by - January 15, 2016
Some weeks ago the internet when crazy with the release of the Warcraft trailer. The buzz came back when images of a hooded Michael Fassbinder surfaced for Fox’s Assassin’s Creed live action adaption. In its mad panic the internet assured us that these will be fantastic movies, Duncan Jones, the man at Warcraft’s helm, felt