“Stop being so aggressively passive aggressive” – Blush (Film Review)

Posted by - February 22, 2021
The Goldberg’s Wendy McLendon-Covey leads this film, impressively conveying the slow destruction of an OCD sufferer and her seemingly perfect life, alongside her husband and teenage daughter. Blush premiered at Sundance Film Festival, with an original title of “Imaginary Order” – reflecting the underlying theme of psychology throughout the narrative. Cathy’s (McLendon-Covey) carefully constructed life

Hero complex – Music (Film Review)

Posted by - February 15, 2021
Let us preface this review by saying that Music, whilst claiming to be a film giving a platform to autistic people, is not about autism. Music instead appears to be a rather self-indulgent film about drug addiction that Sia herself experienced. I will touch upon this later. Even before its release, Music has gathered an

Sundance 2021’s BIGGEST Film Acquisitions

Posted by - February 11, 2021
Though the world for many of us continues to be a hellscape of Zoom calls and face masks, it's business as usual for distribution companies at Sundance this year. The festival continues to be a hive for talent and brilliant new films. Film companies have yet again spent millions to make sure they're the ones

Hard to connect – White Colour Black (Film Review)

Posted by - February 10, 2021
Leke, a young photographer, doesn't seem to have life under control. Excelling in his professional career by opening exhibitions for his work but there is another side to Leke. His destructive personality leaves him unable to form any healthy relationships, as he floats around recreational drugs and one night stands. His life comes crashing down

“Every time I tell anyone I’m a poet, they just…think I’m really pretentious” – Hurt by Paradise (Film Review)

Posted by - February 8, 2021
Debut director Greta Bellamacina’s Hurt by Paradise is an interesting indie drama that beautifully, and comically portrays female friendship, motherhood, and crashing dreams. Exploring the mundanity of Celeste’s life, impressively played by Bellamacina herself, the lead struggles to find success in her poetry, despite her extreme passion and belief. Always alongside her wild and caring

A Bromance For The Ages – The Climb (Film Review)

Posted by - February 8, 2021
Michael Angelo Covino has been a producer on several films. The Climb is his first go at directing a full feature. It's quite clear that he's picked up a lot of pointers from directors he's previously worked with. This is an incredible debut worth anyone's time. The Climb opens on the beautiful hills of Southern

Cake Is A Made Up Drug – A Piece Of Cake (Short Film Review)

Posted by - February 2, 2021
A Piece Of Cake is a short comedy film about a dad who's trying to get silver ball decorations for his daughter's birthday cake. He discovers that the small candies are illegal in the state of California. The dad does not wish to let down his little girl. He embarks on a dark journey through

Violent interpretations – Possessor (Film Review)

Posted by - February 1, 2021
When Brandon Cronenberg burst onto the film scene with his first feature Antiviral in 2012, people questioned whether he would go down the same route as his famous father, David. With his new film Possessor, it certainly embodies his father’s work and sets a clear precedent of what to expect from the Canadian filmmaker. Possessor