The Drifters (Film Review)

Posted by - April 3, 2021
In post-Brexit Britain, Koffee (Jonathan Ajayi) and Fanny (Lucie Bourdeu) are two migrants who find each other in a story about love and identity. Koffee, an African migrant who came to the country illegally, is studying English whilst working for a criminal. He completes illegal tasks to can gain citizenship in the UK via an

“Minari is wonderful, wonderful!” – Minari (Film Review)

Posted by - March 31, 2021
Steven Yeun stars as the patriarch of the Yi family. A South Korean immigrant family who have moved from the West Coast of the United States over to Arkansas in the 1980s. To Yeun's wife Monica's (Han Ye-ri) dismay they have been placed in a cheap mobile home. This is all so Yeun can live

Holmes v. Starling: Dawn Of Injustice – The Mauritanian (Film Review)

Posted by - March 30, 2021
Jodie Foster stars in this true to life political thriller as a Defence Attorney Nancy Hollander, with Shailene Woodley alongside her as her legal aid Teri Duncan. The man they defend is the titular Mauritanian named Mohamedou Ould Slahi (played by Tahar Rahim) who has been locked up in Guantanamo Bay for several years. The

“Do you adapt, or perish?“ – Nemesis (Film Review)

Posted by - March 29, 2021
The backdrop of London frames this low-budget, independent British gangland thriller. But as low budget and independent is it is, it doesn't drop on quality in terms of talent and story. Produced and directed by James Crow, this story digs deep into a plot laced with the dark side of the criminal underworld in England's

”Chaos Starts Now” – Chaos Walking (Film Review)

Posted by - March 29, 2021
Doug Liman’s Chaos Walking has been a long time coming. Filmed in 2017, the film was deemed un-releasable by Lionsgate at the time and the studio ordered reshoots in 2018 to improve on the Tom Holland – Daisy Ridley - starring sci-fi epic. Now, over 3 years after principal photography wrapped, the world finally sees

Could this be Orlando Bloom’s best work? – Retaliation (Film Review)

Posted by - March 28, 2021
Orlando Bloom delivers a flawless, and gripping performance, but alas the narrative does not quite meet his level of commitment. Retaliation is overwhelming with its religious symbolism and often scathing reflections of Catholicism, yet the “revenge” plot both underwhelms the audience and exceeds original expectations. Bloom plays Malky (Malcolm), a haunted demolition worker who takes

Reminds Us Of Far Better Films – Josie & Jack (Film Review)

Posted by - March 25, 2021
Josie & Jack opens with a flashback to the lead characters' childhoods; Josie standing on the doorstep, awaiting the return of her brother Jack, having been escorted away by the police after running away from home. The home he is returning to is dark and decrepit, haunted by the family history contained within and casting

David Tennant and Stanley Tucci to star in New Drama Inside Man

Posted by - March 25, 2021
Steven Moffat, the man behind some of the most iconic stories of Doctor Who and all of Sherlock and Dracula, will be reuniting with former Doctor David Tennant with his new drama, Inside Man. Stanley Tucci (Spotlight, Captain America: The First Avenger) plays the lead in this four part mini series about a death row

Grief, Trauma and Memory in Memento

Posted by - March 16, 2021
A bloody polaroid dominates the screen, and begins to fade slowly, developing in reserve. Blood climbs back up the walls, and you are forced to watch the scene subvert itself, the violence and gore dissipating before your very eyes. The imagery is gone, but the sense that what is done cannot be undone remains. Christopher