“What the hell are these things?” – Demons & Demons 2 (DVD Review)

Posted by - February 16, 2021
With cinemas closed, what better time to watch a film about being trapped in a movie theatre with blood-sucking demons on the loose. The 1985 cult classic Italian film Demons, directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by horror maestro Dario Argento, along with its 1986 sequel Demons 2 are getting a stunning new special edition

“I Just Want My Jackson Back” – Anything For Jackson (Film Review)

Posted by - December 2, 2020
There is a slew of films focusing on trauma and grief that use the horror genre as a lens to examine these to a great effect. Films such as Relic and Hereditary have recently struck a chord with audiences with their delicate, yet terrifying portrayals of something that goes beyond just scares. Latest to attempt

Angels, Demons & Gangsters – Retribution (Film Review)

Posted by - September 6, 2017
There's nothing wrong with ambition, the British direct-to-DVD gangster movie scene with boilerplate, milquetoast tales that you probably can't even tell apart if you've watched them. All this is my way of saying, I have to applaud Retribution for trying something different in terms of low-budget British filmmaking. By setting its gangland London tale around a