Not Quite the Scandal – Effie Gray (DVD Review)

Posted by - April 19, 2021
It’s odd to see that this film is trying to get its second wind after its initial 2014 release date, but the years have not been kind. What feels like a missed opportunity to turn one of the biggest scandals of the Victorian times, at least amongst the art world and the London elite, just

They’re Already Here – ‘War of the Worlds’ at 15

Posted by - July 1, 2020
15 years ago, Steven Spielberg brought audiences a darker vision of a close encounter. Here was a Spielberg that felt far and away from the guy who gave us the cuddly E.T. and the curious beings that came to whisk away Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The 2005 extraterrestrials that Spielberg