On Friends and Context: A Defence

Posted by - March 13, 2018
It's an understatement to say that, as a concept, millennials being offended by something is somewhat of a meme. Gone are the days when it was the older generation who got offended by anything approaching "edgy". Whilst the motivation and principle behind these cries of injustice are virtuous and noble, in its justified vehemence, often

On PewDiePie and the Importance of Context

Posted by - February 22, 2017
I was never a huge fan of PewDiePie's content. My concept of him and his work consisted of a wacky, loud, annoying Swedish guy that plays Happy Wheels and Five Nights At Freddy's on an endless loop. Having said this, I have a vivid memory of watching TV a couple of years ago, flicking through channels, looking for