The VH Christmas Countdown – Daddy’s Home 2

Posted by - December 14, 2019
The only possible thing director Sean Anders could have done for his Daddy’s Home sequel was make it bigger in every possible way, and that’s what he did. The cast is star-studded, John Cena’s role has increased, the slapstick comedy comes in larger doses, and of course, it’s now a ‘Christmas comedy’ for the family. Cheesy Christmas

Christmas Films Solved!

Posted by - December 15, 2014
Follow @vulturehound This list first appeared in the end of year issue of VultureHound Magazine, which is free to read at Yes Christmas films are usually lovely and soppy, they fill your heart with warmth blah blah blah... but seriously? Who believes this crap that is pushed down your throat every year? Merry Christmas. Home