Well Rounded

“Body Positivity is a Riot”- Well Rounded (BFI Flare 2021 Review)

Posted by - March 22, 2021
Well Rounded allows fat women to speak for themselves rather than be spoken for. A documentary grounded in reality as opposed to statistics, the film is full of women from a range of professions and backgrounds - from dancer to comedian to model and stylist -speaking about their experiences. The stories the women tell of
Jump, Darling

“Drag Queens and Grandmas” – Jump, Darling (BFI Flare 2021 Review )

Posted by - March 16, 2021
Over the past few years, thanks to "Ru Paul’s Drag Race", popular internet series like "UNHhhh", various touring shows, and an ever-emerging flow of stylishly loveable queens, drag has filtered its way into the mainstream, gaining popularity at an unprecedented level. With this growing respect and adoration, we are starting to understand the medium of

Friends for life – ‘Jack & Yaya’ (BFI Flare Film Festival)

Posted by - March 30, 2020
It is rare to find a story about genuine friendship set against a topical issue which doesn’t feel clouded in doom and gloom. Finding a story such as this, especially in this cinematic climate, is not only a joy to watch but is an insight into what it means to be transgender. Having grown up

“I don’t plot out what I write, I just start writing and over time it makes sense.” – ‘Giant Little Ones’ Writer and Director Keith Behrman (The VH Interview)

Posted by - January 28, 2020
Stories about teenagers discovering and struggling with their sexuality is not unfamiliar territory for the big screen and indie film scene, but Giant Little Ones transcends what is expected of the very easily labelled genre, coming of age drama. When two best friends, Franky and Ballas, share an unexpected encounter after a night of celebration, Franky’s