Showdown of the Century – Godzilla vs. Kong (Film Review)

Posted by - March 31, 2021
There’s only one thing people want to see in a film called Godzilla vs. Kong and that’s an epic monster brawl and in that regard, this film absolutely delivers. But every time the titular monsters aren’t on screen, it feels like a chore to sit through. The film knows exactly what it is and what

“My Brain Just Went Into Shock a Little Bit” – Long Shot (Film Review)

Posted by - April 27, 2019
2018 was a good year for Hollywood comedy films with big ensembles. Seemingly unmoored from the Apatowian miasma of improv-heavy slogs, movies like Game Night, Tag and Blockers were all refreshing playing fields of laughs and intelligent plotting. This year seems to be continuing the trend – first with the surprisingly heartfelt Instant Family and

“Fraternise? What Does That Mean?” – The Aftermath (Film Review)

Posted by - February 28, 2019
The big, sweeping wartime romance is a Hollywood formula that has fallen out of favour in recent years. In our woke times, moviegoers often want a little more from their romantic movies than soft lighting and a wispy woman being taken into the strong arms of a man in uniform. However, there's something undeniably cosy