“Brighton was perfect for a story like Justine” – Director Jamie Patterson On His New Film ‘Justine’ (The FH Interview)

Posted by - March 5, 2021
Justine is coming to Curzon Home Cinema on March 5, promising to bring a realistic, and gritty drama to our screens, whilst exploring the heart-breaking storyline of a young addict. Justine struggles with addiction in all aspects of her life, but the underlying hopeful theme of love constantly tries to break down her barriers. Brighton-born indie

Trainspotting At 25: Choose Life

Posted by - February 25, 2021
It’s a push to think of any British film with the seismic impact and cultural legacy as Trainspotting. The electric adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel, even 25 years later, retains a startling immediacy and shock value that has ensured its place in cinema history. It blends the violent spiralling of Goodfellas with the pop culture,