A wide shot of the exterior of Cinema City: the left side of the building features orange brickwork and several film posters, the right hand side has stones protruding from the stone walls, and stone stairs leading up to wooden doors with a sign above saying "Cinema City".

A Celebration of Cinemas – Cinema City is Not a Cinema, But an Institution

Posted by - April 26, 2021
As magical as the big screen experience is, cinemas have become more than a place to watching the latest releases. Cinemas are often the homes for different communities to meet up and share their love of film: be it younger and older audiences enjoying dedicated screenings, cinephiles taking part in thrilling film quizzes, or for

A Celebration of Cinemas – How the BFI Southbank Champions Cinema

Posted by - April 19, 2021
Cinemas are otherworldly. They wield a magical spellbinding power to captivate us, as we melt away in our seats and disappear into the fantasyland of the silver screen. Millions of people come together in these cinema spaces to celebrate an art form, connecting over the marvelous illusion of the moving image. Cinemas have the power