31 Days of Horror – Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

Posted by - October 17, 2020
How do you describe F.W Murnau’s classic Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (1922)? Nearly 100 years old, it is an icon of cinema and the icon of horror. Even if you’ve never seen it, all can recognise the father of the vampire genre, the infamous Count Orlok. Both rodent and arachnoid like; so utterly alien
The Descent

31 Days of Horror – The Descent

Posted by - October 16, 2020
Spelunking. Even the word sounds like something you couldn't pay me to do, let alone invite me to do as part of a pleasant weekend away. The potential for danger is right there in those three, ugly-sounding syllables. It's that danger which provides Neil Marshall's 2005 nightmare The Descent – the scariest movie ever made

31 Days of Horror – Train To Busan

Posted by - October 15, 2020
Train to Busan is a lament on cruelty, yet, more importantly, it’s an odyssey of human kindness, one which depicts the fierce strengths of being kind and the pathetic emptiness of being cruel. Yeon Sang-ho’s directorial debut is astonishing because of how he presents these themes. What appears to be a zombie driven thriller ends

31 Days of Horror – Bone Tomahawk

Posted by - October 14, 2020
The Western horror is a disappointingly underutilised genre in film. Desert settings provide all the necessary elements to execute a successful scare-fest: complete darkness, isolation and eerie silence. These vast expanses allow for a gradual build in tension whilst simultaneously keeping audiences on edge in the claustrophobic and unknown wilderness. This particular blend of western

31 Days of Horror – Evil Dead II

Posted by - October 13, 2020
When The Evil Dead was released in 1981, it went on to become a firm favourite of horror fans, and a sworn enemy of censorship boards. That battle with the censors led to it becoming one of the flagship ‘video nasties’, films criticised by the press for their supposed abhorrent behaviour, gratuitous violence and exploitative

31 Days of Horror – Let The Right One In

Posted by - October 12, 2020
John Ajvide Lindqvist’s romantic horror novel Låt den rätte komma in represents one of the most original vampire stories of the new millennium. It combines the gothic tone and demonic overtones of Bram Stoker with arcs of tragedy and romance that at times feel almost Shakespearian. Such a strong story proved ripe for a cinematic

31 Days of Horror – The Mist

Posted by - October 11, 2020
Most careers don’t usually go prestige drama, slightly less well thought of comedy-drama, then trashy horror. But then again, Frank Darabont isn’t most people, not only has he been working in scripting as well as his directorial career, but he also wrote horror films people think highly of - A Nightmare on Elm Street 3,

31 Days of Horror – Carrie (1976)

Posted by - October 10, 2020
Before Stephen King was a behemoth of horror writing, there was Carrie (1976). Before The Shining (1980), before Shawshank (1994), before Misery (1990)… a new writer wrote a story about a timid girl who could move things with her mind. Carrie was also fairly early in director Brian DePalma’s career, though a lot of his

31 Days of Horror – Mandy

Posted by - October 9, 2020
Prior to entering into the 2018 movie season, Nicolas Cage had gone nearly a decade without featuring in anything of substantial quality. You would have been hard-pressed to find anybody, outside of Cage mega-fans, who were eagerly anticipating his upcoming horror/thriller Mandy. Unfortunately, it appeared as though Panos Cosmatos’ second feature film would be destined

31 Days of Horror – Eyes of Laura Mars

Posted by - October 8, 2020
From the moment you hear Barbara Streisand’s voice singing ‘Prisoner’, you know this isn’t going to be just like any other run of the mill horror you’ve witnessed before. Coupled with the big close up over Faye Dunaway’s face, the shock and the horror of the first few minutes has already sunk in and you