Hotel of Lingering Dreams – Sleep (Fantasia 2020 Film Review)

Posted by - September 8, 2020
Sleeper hits are always a joy to come by, but even more so when the film is particularly bold, proactive, and revelatory. Especially at festivals, it’s always a pleasure to come by one of these little gems, and examine them like a diamond in the rough. But then there’s the other kind of sleeper hits,

Stroke of Misfortune – Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (DVD Review)

Posted by - January 10, 2017
Over the last seventy years, Stan Lee has introduced to the world some of the greatest super heroes known to man. From the amazing Spiderman to pretty much every member of the Avengers, before gathering the original roster of X-Men together, Lee has spent the greater part of a century crafting a rogues gallery of

Antique Comedy – Bull (TV Review)

Posted by - October 19, 2015
There was a time when everything Robert Lindsay touched turned to gold. From the early days as the rebellious rapscallion Wolfie Smith in Citizen Smith, to the cantankerous Ben Harper in the far too long-running My Family, Lindsay has established himself as a staple of the British sitcom. In his latest venture, Bull, he stars

Hold On To Your Nuts… – Julia (Film Review)

Posted by - August 31, 2015
For some bizarre reason, the rape/revenge genre has become a sordid staple of horror movies over the last few decades. Kicking off in the seventies with the original video nasties, Last House on the Left and I Spit on your Grave (both of which inexplicably got lackluster noughties remakes), this illicit sub-genre seems to have

Too Many Balls in the Air – The Bad Education Movie (Film Review)

Posted by - August 24, 2015
Bringing successful sitcoms to the big screen has always been a treacherous game. Trying to re-capture the success of a small-screen hit has more often than not been the final nail in the coffin after the last few fleeting seasons of a show. Sure, in the case of The Inbetweeners, most critics found themselves eating

Attacking the Porn Industry – Girlhouse (DVD Review)

Posted by - July 16, 2015
I have always believed that there are three categories of slasher movie. The first, the truly terrifying, spine-tingling delight that continues to haunt every dark corridor for weeks to come. The likes of Halloween and Scream have continued to terrify generations of new audiences in the decades since their releases.  The second is the “so

A View From a Bridge – The First Film (Film Review)

Posted by - July 1, 2015
Leeds has brought us many amazing things throughout the centuries; from being the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the steam train, to the founding home of businesses such as Marks and Spencers and the humble yet always nostalgia-inducing Jelly Tot. It has also brought us many members of the artistic community including poet Tony