“Cinema Is A Language”- Director Kirill Mikhanovsky Discusses Give Me Liberty (The FH Interview)

Kirill Mikhanovsky's Give Me Liberty first appeared in 2019 at Sundance, and subsequently began its stint on the world festival circuit. Now two years later, the film remains on the circuit, most recently appearing at the Hebden Bridge Film Festival in the UK. An excellent, frenetic examination of a day in the life of medical transport

“It’s Not Like A Drama You’ve Seen After All, It’s Killer Pants” – Elza Kephart talks Slaxx (The FH Interview)

We sat down with Elza Kephart, director and co-writer of Shudder's Slaxx, a film about a pair of killer jeans, to understand the development of the project, how she feels about the current climate of horror, and what scares her. Elza's a person of many hats, writing and directing since 2002, with early projects like

“Brighton was perfect for a story like Justine” – Director Jamie Patterson On His New Film ‘Justine’ (The FH Interview)

Justine is coming to Curzon Home Cinema on March 5, promising to bring a realistic, and gritty drama to our screens, whilst exploring the heart-breaking storyline of a young addict. Justine struggles with addiction in all aspects of her life, but the underlying hopeful theme of love constantly tries to break down her barriers. Brighton-born indie

“We tend to react or recoil at what we don’t understand” – David Oyelowo Talks Come Away (The FH Interview)

Over the past twenty years David Oyelowo has set about making himself one of the most in demand actors in the world. From his time on long running drama series Spooks to turns in blockbuster movies like Rise of the Planet of the Apes to his Golden Globe nominated performance as Dr Martin Luther King

Interview With Jill Gevargizian, director of ‘The Stylist’ (Final Girls Berlin Film Festival)

After the success and acclaim of her short film, The Stylist, back in 2016, director Jill Gevargizian decided to transform the short into her feature film debut. Following the lonely hairstylist Claire, played by Najarra Townsend, as she becomes obsessed with her clients lives, wanting to connect with others but instead feeding her own disturbed

Composing The Cycles of Trauma – A Discussion with Gavin Brivik on Wild Indian (The FH Interview)

A film bound to initiate conversation and potential controversy at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr’s Wild Indian is an emotionally devastating portrait of deeply rooted colonialist assimilation against Indigenous culture. It’s a harrowing watch, a film that’s equal parts bold and bleak in its sincere approach at tackling the hefty subject

“It’s like a climbing a mountain in its own right, getting a film made” Director Gavin Rothery talks Archive (The FH Interview)

Archive, a twisty sci-fi thriller starring Theo James, hits our home screens this January. The story follows scientist George who works alone for a mysterious company deep in the Japanese woods. In his lonesome and in secret from his employers, George has been working to build an artificial body for his late wife’s Jules consciousness,

Interview: Lucy Brydon on on her directorial debut ‘Body of Water’

This interview was originally published in the print issue of Filmhounds Magazine - October 2020 Body of Water, the directorial debut of Lucy Brydon, is a quietly powerful drama following a woman, Stephanie (Sian Brooke) with an eating disorder trying to balance her relationship with her mother, Susan (Amanda Burton) and teenage daughter, Pearl (Fabienne

“People perceive me as the older gruffer authoritarian figure” – James Cosmo talks Skylines [The FH Interview]

Perhaps best known for menacing poor Jon Snow atop that wall in Game of Thrones Scottish actor James Cosmo is the definition of a character actor. An actor of formidable presence and even more intense looks, he’s no stranger to historical epics or fantasy blockbusters. Cosmo’s new film, Skylines, is the third part of the

In the Magazine: Interview with Jason Isaacs

Legendary British actor Jason Isaacs has clocked up an impressive array of characters over the course of his career. From Harry Potter to Star Trek, there are few facets of pop culture he hasn’t managed to make his way into. In his latest venture, Skyfire, he finds himself the owner of a doomed volcano theme

“Turned out better than I could have hoped really” – Stuart Ashen (The FH Interview)

So off the bat, Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild was released in 2013, it got over a million views on Youtube, you managed to release a DVD/Blu Ray of the film. Considering its success, was Ashens and the Polybius Heist something you had been planning since Gamechild’s release? So we wrote GameChild never

“We Were Able To Coexist, And It Was a Benefit To Us That The Last Dance Came Out” – Yemi Bamiro Interview – One Man and His Shoes

Coming off the heels of The Last Dance, which seemingly took over the world back in April of this year, director Yemi Bamiro’s One Man and His Shoes documentary continues to explore the phenomenon that is Michael Jordan. This time, however, it takes a deep dive into the world of Air Jordan sneakers. Jordan’s sneaker

“I’m interested in perspectives that are not the mainstream” – Peter Sarsgaard talks The Lie (The FH Interview)

Peter Sarsgaard is an actor of incredible range, able to go from serious drama to big tentpole film without breaking a sweat. His latest film, part of the Blumhouse / Amazon anthology The Lie concerns him and Mireille Enos as parents faced with increasingly dark choices after an incident involving their daughter. We spoke to

Interview: Nick Frost + Samson Kayo on ‘Truth Seekers’

Truth Seekers, Amazon’s new 8-part horror-comedy about ghost-hunting broadband engineers, reunites Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in laugh-heavy roles and in Pegg’s case, a very handsome wig. Frost plays Gus, an engineer working for Pegg’s Dave at a company called Smyle, fixing and installing broadbands, but also moonlighting as a ghost hunter. Gus films his

“I think secretly I always wanted to be a writer” – Caroline Goodall talks The Bay of Silence (The FH Interview)

English actor, Caroline Goodall, has had an astounding career, starring in films from Hook to Schindler's List. For her latest project, however, she has put pen to paper in adapting Lisa St Aubin de Taran's classic tale of family secrecy, The Bay of Silence. We were fortunate enough to catch up with her during her busy schedule to talk