A Daily Dose of Beauty, Peace and Purpose – Cozy Grove (PC Review)

All those who are lost deserve kindness.

Lucas Pope: America’s Best Gaming Auteur

When people think of the best games ever made, their minds will instantly go to titles like The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time or maybe Red Dead Redemption. It's obviously not a hidden secret that there are teams of hundreds and thousands of hard working and dedicated people that bring games like that

Let’s Kill! Video Games & Cinematic Violence

It’s been a long time since the first PlayStation console came out in 1994 and a whole lifetime since home game consoles became popular in the 80s. What started out as pixelated shapes moving on a screen has now developed into full-blown narratives and extensive worlds beyond our wildest dreams. Gone are the days of

New Interactive Mobile Drama Tackles Racism And Police Profiling

Dead Man's Phone is a new interactive mobile crime drama which has launched on Apple and Google Play stores today. The game is aimed at confronting issues surrounding police profiling, gang related violence and racism. Inspired by Britain's love of all things true crime, Dead Man's Phone is a "found phone" interactive drama that puts

New Football Manager Game Announced by THQ Nordic and Winning Streak Games

The mind behind the Football Manager series, Gerald Kohler, will be releasing a brand new take on football management gaming with publishers THQ Nordic and Winning Streak Games. WE ARE FOOTBALL is a PC game that will put the player in charge of their dream team. In the game you become the manager and the

Steam’s Autumnal Offerings – The Power of Three

There’s something inherently magical about Autumn. The crispness of the air, the changing colours, the atmosphere of transformation – elements of a season of change. Loose summer layers are exchanged for thick cosy accoutrements and ice cold cocktails in the sun for mugs of hot chocolate by a fire. Or hot cocktails if you add

Nighthawks – Quenching the Thirst in 2021

When Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 was announced in March 2019, 15 years after its predecessor, it’s safe to say the thirst was reawakened in many a gothic RPG fan. Both tabletop Toreadors and video game Ventrues were eager to sink their teeth into another dark and complex vampiric tale. However fans of the

Close To Home: The Hard-Hitting Power of Point & Click

Reality. A complex, unforgiving and often subjectively contested state. Defined by Plato as “a shifting exhibition, like shadows cast on a wall by the activities of their corresponding universal Ideas or Forms”. Yep, it’s one of those articles. Grab your metaphorical shovels, we’re doing a bit of deep philosophical digging! Since time immemorial, art forms have sought to

Wump It Up! – Crash Bandicoot 4 Demo & ‘State of Play’ Overview

Perhaps the strange, uneasy climate we’re currently in is affecting our sense of time, but it already feels like an age since Activision dropped the official Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time trailer on us in late June. A direct sequel to Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Dr Cortex and Dr N. Tropy have broken out

“Like Advance Wars but with Gundam” – Warborn (PS4 Review)

I’m going to acknowledge the proverbial elephant in the room: Advance Wars. Any time we’re talking about a 2.5d turn-based strategy game, if you don’t think I’m going to bring up the greatest turn-based strategy series of all time, then you’re wrong (for the avoidance of doubt, best real-time strategy game series is, of course,

Steam’s Cave of Wonders: Diamonds in the Rough

With large scale events looking to be on hold for some time yet, many convention-goers like myself are feeling somewhat of a void inside. A touch of emptiness. Aside from the social and creativity aspects, cons also gives us a chance to trial games we wouldn’t normally get to anywhere else. The minute I’ve gotten

A Big Toothy Grin of a Game – Maneater (PC Review)

As much as the sea's most fearsome predator has dominated the realms of B-Movies, they've never had quite the same luck making waves in video games. Sure there have been many games which use sharks effectively, here's looking at you, Cyber-Shark from Far Cry: Blood Dragon but nothing has really captured the visceral nature of

An Extraordinary Voyage – Deliver Us The Moon (PS4 Review)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, give me ten hours of well-formed story over 100+ of sprawling, unfocussed exploration. I think there seems to be a tendency within modern gaming to feel like you have to be providing an appropriate amount of gameplay to make the price worth it but frankly,

It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light Shines Through – A better Late Than Never WWE 2k20 Review (PS4)

The Japanese art of Kintsugi, translating as 'Golden Joinery', is the practice of using precious metals to fix cracks in pottery. The philosophical idea is that in order to fix something you must embrace and celebrate the cracks instead of trying to cover them up. That there is beauty and history in imperfections, as Diane

Extremely Fiendish – WWE 2K20 (Preview)

Every single year, there are three things every wrestling fan can't wait to do when they get their hands on the WWE 2K game. Get straight into Universe mode and give their favourite underutilised talent all the belts (in my case Samoa Joe). Play with their friends to spam all the finishers. Make their boss

Toni Storm, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate talk WWE 2K20 and What Matches They Want on Wednesday Night NXT

It's the most wonderful time of the year! WWE 2K20 is almost upon us and fans of British and Australian wrestling are in for a treat, as this year you won't have to make your own version of Trent Severn or Toni Storm in the character creator! For the first time, they are both official

Bringing Out The Dead – A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4 Review)

Whilst wondering ankle-deep through the remains of a plague-ridden town, the blood-soaked bones of the freshly slaughtered infected brushing the feet of my character as she desperately prevents herself from looking down at the grotesque mess of corpses, a thought occurred to me. This is the first time that I’ve been face-to-face with The Plague

GreedFall Sets Sail for September 10

In another incredibly imaginative world dreamt up by the visionaries at Spiders, GreedFall, published by Focus Home Interactive, takes you to the mysterious island of Teer Fradee to uncover the mysteries and secrets behind the shadowy goings-on there. A relentless disease ravages the population and the only thing that can cure it might be found on the

Fight Back with WARSAW on PC September 4

WARSAW, a tactical WWII RPG set during the titular Warsaw Uprising in 1944 is coming to Steam on the 4th of September after wowing audiences at this year's PAX. Brought to you by Developer Pixelated Milk, this game looks to bring the melancholy cartoon touch of Valiant Hearts to the tactical genre. Play as the Polish

The Horrors of Privatised Healthcare – Two Point Hospital (The VH Review)

It’s always my favourite part of the medical drama. The bit where the patient is flatlining, the heart monitor goes from the steady, recognisable rhythm of a fading pulse to the relentless, whining beep that means the worst. Then, all of a sudden, the doctor in one final, defiant attempt to cheat the uncheatable yells

Saviors of Uldum: The New Hearthstone Expansion

Oh for heaven's sake, I've only just got my decks together for Rise of Shadows! Oh well, I've got five weeks to play around with them until Blizzard releases Saviors of Uldum, the brand-new Hearthstone expansion. This time, in what I believe is a first for the franchise, this Hearthstone expansion will follow on the

Netflix Witcher Looking Good! (Finally)

Much contention has been made about Netflix bringing The Witcher to its streaming service. Although most of that noise has come from non-Polish people upset that the series isn't an adaptation of CD Projekt Red's epic game trilogy, but rather of their source material, the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski. Another point of controversy is

Not Just for The Hardcore – For The King (PS4 Review)

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're also excited about the Final Fantasy VII remake. One of the best pure RPGs is getting a shiny, new paint job and who knows, maybe they'll sort some of those localised translation issues? But it's not going to be here till March 3rd next year, so

Five Things We Want From Baldur’s Gate 3

While the future of video game streaming as proposed by Google Stadia is all very exciting, no hype train for any video game platform will ever hit full steam ahead without some quality titles to back that platform up. As gamers have made clear time and time again, they are all about the games. Don’t