Author: Rowen Cameron

Rowen is a freelance writer, performer and content creator with a penchant for colourful attire and floral headwear. Bitten by the gaming bug at age five, she is a huge fan of indie games, RPGs and point-and-click-adventures and is a regular reporter on the Steam Game Festival for Filmhounds.
A screenshot from the game Hunt The Night depicting a bridge with a blue night sky, a full moon and a hooded statue behind it. The main character is fight off demonic enemies on the bridge.
The promo image of elf-like protagonists Greak, Adara and Raydel fighting menacing enemies
A screenshot of a hand drawn video game. A small figure in yellow garb and light blue hair brandishes a sword as ghoul-like monsters approach the figure from all sides. They stand on a bridge with crooked trees on either side.