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Alternative Artwork: Yorgos Lanthimos

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Poster for Kinds of Kindness

2024 marks a double dose of Yorgos Lanthimos with Kinds of Kindness, set for a UK release at the end of June. Having already delivered a FILMHOUNDS favourite this year, we take a look at the Greek filmmaker’s back catalogue…

Creating alternative artwork can be a daunting task for any budding designer when the official posters are so good. That’s the task facing anyone taking on a Lanthimos film, with the director having consistently delivered some of the 21st Century’s most distinctive artworks. Since 2005’s Dogtooth, artist Vasilis Marmatakis has been the man behind the mask so to speak, creating the promotional posters for all of the Lanthimos canon. Whether it’s the negative space at the heart of The Lobster, representing that need for connection, or the lipstick and eyeshadow made up of the men who surround Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter in Poor Things, Marmatakis’s work is as recognisable as it is beautiful. So how do you top that? You don’t of course. But you can get pretty close.

In-demand Mexican designer Aleks Phoenix is a master of type. His work often focuses on one core image, building the design out with an infinite range of beautiful fonts. Knowing where to place these titles, as well as the credit blocks and festival/distributor logos is all part of the process. The results speak for themselves.

You can also go a bit weird. Polish designer Aleksander Walijewski takes inspiration from his country’s rich history – The Polish School of Posters – to create imaginative, playful artworks. Shelby Moring’s collage feels like the pieces of Bella being put together and Brazilian artist Joneto uses the aforementioned official Poor Things poster to re-interpret 2018’s Oscar-winning The Favourite, this time with Olivia Colman front and centre whilst Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone are hidden in the make-up.

Cardiff-based designer Matt Needle pieces together Bella using soft colours, intricate textures and geometric shapes. Chilean artist Rodolfo Jofre’s vibrant colours are offset by grubby textures that give his designs a tangible edge. Brazillian visual creator and artist Giulia Assis dials up the steampunk elements with an electrifying homage to Frankenstein.

Though we’re all undoubtedly Letterboxd addicts, it’s lovely to see old-fashioned film scrapbooking is still alive, courtesy of French film enthusiast Margot –  aka The Movie Journal. Made with care and consideration, Margot’s journal is a delight, and a refreshing break from pithy one-liners and film twitter discourse. Wholesome stuff.

Kinds of Kindness is in UK cinemas from June 28.