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Til Death Do Us Part (Film Review)

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Weddings are definitely not easy and sometimes, they don't go exactly as planned. Til Death Do Us Part is the latest actioner from actor/producer , and sees her as a former bride-to-be who, after bailing on her big wedding day, must fight off seven angry killer groomsmen and, ultimately, the vengeful groom himself in order to survive, having no intention of going back to the life she left behind.

The setup is pretty straightforward, and interesting questions are laid out at the start: Why doesn't she want to marry her soon-to-be husband? Why does she want to escape him? Why has he sent dangerous friends to go after her? What shady past do these characters have? While the film gives us those answers, it does take a while to get there, and the one major problem this film has is that it feels a bit too bloated and padded out. This film could've easily benefitted from a brisk 90-minute runtime, yet it's nearly two hours and so we are given too many long scenes that outstay their welcome, making the film's pacing feel a bit sluggish as a result.

This is incredibly frustrating as there is fun to be found here. The bloody action sequences are intense and incredibly bone-crunching, lending some real physicality and weight to them, plus the film can be quite visually stunning at times. However, the ultimate true shining spot here is in its lead performer, Natalie Burn. Burn manages to rise above the film's faults and gives a committed performance, both emotionally and physically. You completely buy her as a total badass and almost makes the film worth it due to her absolute conviction.

In the end, Til Death Do Us Part is a perfectly decent, middle of the road film that you can enjoy on a weekend afternoon, delivering on both the action and the gore. It's let down by sluggish pacing and a story that, at times, takes a while to get going, but Natalie Burn manages to shine throughout.

Til Death Do Us Part will be released on April 8th