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Filmhounds Magazine 2023 Top 10 Films of the Year

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Was 2023 the year that real excitement returned for people visiting the cinema? Since the pandemic, viewers have been waiting for a certain spark to symbolise the full revival of their favourite medium. Nobody quite realised however that that spark would come in the form of an elongated Trinity Test and cinematic detonation, unconventionally released on the same day as another summer blockbuster.

Barbenheimer will be historically recognised for its pioneering counter-marketing, its freshness and its global importance with live-action superhero flicks flailing rapidly. Opposites attract, and both films attracted a large fanbase with nearly $2.5 billion generated between them. The important SAG-AFTRA strikes did stagger momentum and forcefully change the film release schedule, with post-summer dirge becoming ever more…dirge-y, but irrespective of this, 2023 has been a supremely important year in film history.

FILMHOUNDS has scrutinised our favourite 2023 UK releases and decided upon a definitive watchlist. In a year overflowing with part ones and franchise instalments, the focus was clearly on the organic and the original. From close to 100 films, we narrowed it down to the very best 10. Scorsese, Nolan, Gerwig, Fincher, Anderson, Spielberg, and Chazelle all had 2023 UK releases, making this a challenging and competitive list, but we feel the Top 10 have easily earned their spots.