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Mafia Mamma (Film Review)

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When you think of crime family, we don't automatically think comedy about a woman having a midlife crisis discovers she's actually part of the mafia. Comedy and violence have gone hand in hand with plenty of other films, sometimes treading that fine line between funny and tasteless. It would be harsh to say that Mafia Mamma is both as there are comedic moments and a fair few eye rolling scenes too. Especially with every mention or reference to The Godfather. But instead of the mix of comedy and obvious violence, we also get the woman wants and has it all scenario, with a touch dull romance on the side. Just like the wine they make in the film, it does not go down well.

Out of the blue, sales expert Kristen receives a phone call that her grandfather in Italy, who she never met, has just died. With her son having left for college, unhappy and underappreciated at work and having just found out her husband has been cheating on her, Kristen decides to travel to Italy. But when the funeral and attendees are attacked with an onslaught of bullets, Kristen is finally told the truth. Her Grandfather was the head of a mafia family and has named her as his successor.

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We get a very run of the mill view of Kristen's life before she leaves for Italy, making it predictable as to what she'll experience once she arrives. The rest of the characters she has surrounding her are very much stereotypes, although Bianca, her confidante could be an exception as she sort of guides Kristen through her new life. The comedy beats play out, montages aren't over used and there is a pretty decent shoot out look to forward to, but nothing original or out of the ordinary. as Kristen and as Bianca are far better than the film they're given to work with but they do look like they're having a great time.

The ditzy American in the middle of a mafia war is overdrawn and over the top. There are moments that are genuinely enjoyable – usually when Kristen accidentally kills someone – but apart from these scenes, there's little substance and all escapism. It is incredibly unbelievable and it's hard to really think that any respectable Italian actor would be part of this farce. However, this is not the point of the film. It's just a fun, and despite the subject matter, silly film.

The romance is thin, the comedy lacking and the overall story is incredibly exaggerated but Mafia Mamma is a fun holiday for the mind.


Mafia Mamma will be streaming on Prime Video 17th November