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Four Movie Weddings And Their Real Life Cost

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. A time for happy celebrations. These life-changing events usually take months of planning and plenty of wishful thinking that nothing will go awry (hah!). In the lead up, brides and grooms to be peruse books, pinterest, and instagram for inspiration. But there is also the wedding movie which is a fantastic source of must-have information. Ever dream of a traditional blush and bashful wedding? Or a forest wedding complete with royalty in attendance? Perhaps you've dreamed of having your wedding on a isle. Or, maybe your wedding is a decision made over brunch. Here we take a look at four weddings (no funeral) and how much they cost using the average UK price.

‘I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other' -Bride Shelby

 (1989) a gorgeous wedding followed by an equally exquisite outdoor reception. The ceremony itself was a traditional , with the pews decorated with fresh pink flowers and matching bunting. A large number of bridesmaids and groomsmen in matching attire filled the room. Afterwards guests celebrated with dancing and dining in the backyard of the bride's house. A live band provided the entertainment. The wedding cake was in a unique armadillo shape. After the wedding, the bride changed into a pink suit for her honeymoon.

To recreate this wedding, we estimated that it would cost £5,680. The breakdown being that a church wedding costs £550. Flowers alone will cost you another £1,050 (which spans from bouquets to boutonniers). Whilst additional decor would be another £600. Matching bridesmaids dresses cost another £1000, with ties being another £80 (presuming the men wore their own suits). The hair, makeup, and entertainment were kindly provided by and family. However presumably the tent, dance floor and sundry costs were paid for by the bride's family, so we estimated this could be another 1000 pounds. The wedding dress is another £1,350 and travel dress would be £100.

“You Look Radiant” – King Richard, Cousin to Bride Marion


(1991) was an au natural affair. Set in the forest, the Autumnal scene was picture perfect. Using the natural beauty of the surrounding environs with creativity, a gentle breeze provided the happy couple with falling leaves in lieu of confetti. Sparsely decorated with candles and decorative twigs, it was a happy affair. The bride was given away by her cousin, King Richard, back from recent travels. The couple wore their own clothes, with a floral crown fastened together for the bride. Although no music nor food was provided, it still provided a stunning simplicity.

To recreate this wedding we estimated it would cost £4,310. For a micro-outdoor wedding in Sherwood Glade, it would cost on average £3,000 for venue hire. As most decoration is provided by Mother Nature herself, this would mean only the cost of time would come into play. With a few helping hands from your neighbors, decorative branches would easily be formed. If this kind of ‘helping hands at home' doesn't appeal, floral crowns can be purchased off of Etsy for £10. A royally good King Richard lookalike would cost £1,300.  The venue does not provide an actual friar however, so one would need a ceremony at the local town hall first in order to make it legally binding.

“I Do, I Do, I Do” – Bride Donna

(2008) took advantage of the stunning Greek isles for this lovely wedding. Filmed on Skopelos, this was a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony. In an unexpected twist, the original bride to be called off her wedding, and her mother got married to her long-term lover instead.  As the couple declared their love for one another, ABBA songs filled the room. A small band provided backup music and everybody got into the action by singing along. In the background, candles filled the room. The sunset provided additional lighting.

To recreate this wedding, we estimated it would cost £3,722. For a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding on the island of Skopelos, packages start at £2,200. This covers the cost of church rental, priest, legalities, flowers and photographer. ABBA cover bands would be another £1,500. A box of tapered candles would be £22. Family drama is free. The bride and groom did their own hair and makeup. Additionally they wore their own clothing. Travel costs are not included in this estimate.

“I Swear I've Seen An Angel” – Bride Ally

In (2018), although the wedding was quickly put together, it was still picture-perfect. The bride and groom decided to get married the same day as their engagement. The ceremony took place in a friends church, and a gospel choir provided music. The bride bought her white dress off the rack, while the groom put on his nicest suit. The flowers and cake were purchased from the local supermarket. Afterwards, the happy couple went out dancing at a local music club. The love of friends helped make this day possible. Although done cheaply, it didn't take away from the elegance of the day.

To recreate this wedding, we estimated it would cost £3,180. The venue was kindly provided by a friend, but we assume that a donation to the church was made of at least £500. A gospel choir costs on average £1,500. A white dress off the rack would be roughly 100 pounds. Supermarket flowers and wedding cake would be another 80. Nightclub entry for the wedding party, along with drinks would cost another £1,000.

No matter which route you take when planning your matrimonial ceremony, you can be assured that there are many sources of inspiration. These examples above are just a small sampling of movie weddings. In the next few weeks, we will be treated to another wedding movie, 3. We can only wait with anticipation to see how future brides and grooms will use it for their own inspiration!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will be released in the UK on 8 September.