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Michelle Rodriguez’s Best Roles

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is known for her tough, no-nonsense characters, and her performances have cemented her reputation as one of Hollywood's most talented actresses. From the iconic franchise – which just keeps on going – to her role in , Rodriguez has certainly played some incredible, and memorable, on-screen female characters.

Stepping into a new role as Holga in , Michelle Rodriguez continues to wow audiences with her talent. The film has been incredibly well reviewed, holding a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score and it's no surprise she has another film success to add to her growing collection. If you missed it, you can read the FILMHOUNDS review of the film HERE.

Fans can Download & Keep Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves from 7th July and the film is available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD and 4K UHD + Blu-ray SteelBook from 31st July, and to celebrate being able to watch her latest release at home we're taking a closer look at some of Rodriguez's best-loved roles…

Letty Ortiz in the Fast & Furious Franchise

Rodriguez's role as Letty Ortiz in the Fast & Furious franchise is undeniably her most iconic. Not just Dom “Family” Toretto's partner, Letty is a tough street racer in her own right who gives her male co-stars a run for their money. She's been praised for her authentic performance and for paving the way for blockbuster movies featuring female action stars. Thanks in part to Rodriguez, the franchise is still going strong with an eleventh film set to release in the next few years.

Universal Pictures

Gelda in : Battle Angel

Whilst featured in just a handle of flashback sequences, Rodriguez's CG performance as Gelda in Alita: Battle Angel was praised by audiences and fans of the original manga. The cyborg warrior acts as a mentor to Alita, showing a softer, more personal side to the no-nonsense leader. Whilst we don't get to see Rodriguez kick as much arse as usual, leading soldiers into battle on the freaking Moon certainly makes up for it. It's just a shame that we might have to wait a while to see more of Gelda in the much-wanted sequel that still needs to be greenlit.

Michelle Rodriguez as Gelda in Alita: Battle Angel
20th Century Fox

Trudy Chacón in Avatar

It doesn't hurt being in the highest grossing movie of all time, even when the role isn't the biggest. In James Cameron's Avatar, Rodriguez played the role of hotshot pilot Trudy Chacón who becomes a key ally to the film's protagonist and the giant blue cat looking Na'vi. Everyone loved the energy and charisma she brought to the role of Chacón, but more so the satisfying character arc and bittersweet ending. Saying that, death doesn't seem to be permanent on Pandora, never mind the Fast & Furious franchise…

20th Century Fox

Ana Lucia Cortez in

It was the TV show that was as gripping as it was confusing, and we couldn't get enough of Rodriguez's standout performance as Ana Lucia Cortez. She was a tough, no-nonsense police officer who was haunted by her past and Rodriguez struck the perfect balance of intensity and emotional depth in her portrayal of Ana.


Holga in Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves

Starring alongside as Edgin, Rodriguez plays barbarian Holga in this fun and action-packed romp. Yes, she does some impressive stunts in several action set pieces, but Rodriguez really takes things up a notch with her dry, witty humour that feels right at home here. What audiences seemed to love the most was how Holga co-parents with Edgin in a platonic relationship, avoiding typical cliches when it comes to leads in a blockbuster.

Entertainment One

Michelle Rodriguez's career is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actor. Both her and the characters she plays have made Rodriguez a role model for many young women as her performances continue to inspire audiences around the world. Even though a lot of her roles can be quite similar to each other, there is no denying that she's an action heroine worth rooting for and her stand-out performances are not to be missed.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves is available to Download & Keep 7th July and on DVD, Blu-ray™, 4K UHD™ and 4K UHD™ + Blu-ray™ SteelBook® from 31st July.