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BAFTA TV Awards 2023: The Traitors’ Wilf Webster & Amanda Lovett and Taskmaster’s Alex Horne & Greg Davies

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Getty Images for BAFTA

Getty Images for BAFTA

The 2023 took place at London's Royal Festival Hall on Sunday 14th May 2023 and saw the hottest talent including Kate Winslet, Taron Egerton, Gary Oldman, and Martin Freeman take to the red carpet. Winners included Kate Winslet winning Best Leading Actress for I Am Ruth and winning Best Reality & Constructed Factual.

FILMHOUNDS headed down to the show and spoke to some of the nominees including contestants from The Traitors and and creators and hosts and . FILMHOUNDS also got to hear from after she picked up Best Performance in a Comedy Programme for her role in .

Why do you think the show has taken off so much and so many people loved it so much?

Wilf Webster: It's the age range for me. I remember, one big moment for me, I was in M&S and this elderly couple got their camera flip phone out and took a photo, they were in their 80s or so, and then at the same time, this 14-year-old boy ran in for a photo. It's just so diverse in terms of who can watch it. That's why I think it was so popular.

Amanda Lovett: Yeah, and I think it's — my brother-in-law watched it because I was in it, and within three episodes he was phoning me and saying “what's happening Amanda, I have to work nights tonight and I'm going to miss it and I want to see it.” Honestly, just everyone got really engrossed in it.

WW: It's just amazing. And I think it's so well produced.

AL: Yeah, so well produced.

WW: And I think it was so lucky as well. A lot of the moments just happened by chance. It just happened to be mad moments that happened.

AL: Our decisions just caused ripples didn't it?

WW: Every small decision that you think's small, for instance, Alex, we had no reason to put her up for trial, we just thought we'd put a bit of pressure on her. No idea what was going to happen and we were just sitting there like “what?!” It was crazy.

AL: Yeah, it definitely was.


Other than The Traitors are there any other shows you're hoping do well tonight and win big? 

WW: Would I Lie to You. I love Would I Lie to You so hopefully they win big.

AL: Yeah, same really. And us.

WW: Yeah, and us!


As Wilf Webster and Amanda Lovett walk off down the red carpet to take their seats inside, the Taskmaster himself Greg Davies, whose birthday it was, and fellow Taskmaster writer/host Alex Horne walk up to FILMHOUNDS to talk about being at the .


How do you feel being here at the BAFTAs and being nominated?

Alex Horne: It is genuinely really fun because when you look down there you can see Sophie from the news, Lee Mack and so many other famous people.


Do you have any favourite tasks or challenges from the show that you really love?

AH: We've done hundreds of these, they sort of blend into one. I think the first series still sticks in my mind the most.

Greg Davies: I say it in every interview, and it's partly because it is my favourite task, and it's partly because I can't remember much these days but ‘Impress a Local Mayor' that was the one that I really loved.

AH: That was a good one.


Other than Taskmaster is there anything that you hope does well tonight and that you've really enjoyed watching?

GD: That's a good question, that requires us to be interested in other shows.

You can say just Taskmaster if you want. 

AH: Was the Queen's funeral up for something?

Yes, it was.

AH: I hope that wins. They had some very good coverage of it.

GD: Yeah, that was Kirsty Young, right? .

AH: I hope Kirsty Young wins. Oh and you know what? Sue Perkins' documentary on Netflix too.

GD: That was great. We're big fans of Sue Perkins. Let that be our collective answer.

After winning the for Best Performance in a Comedy Programme for playing Sister Michael, when asked if there'd be any more of Derry Girls for fans to sink their teeth into, Siobhán McSweeney said “I feel like we've left all the characters in a really good place. In a place of hope. In a place of peace. Why not leave them there for the time being. I see Sister Michael every time I open my eyes and look into the mirror so she's always with me”

The 2023 BAFTA TV Awards took place on Sunday 14th May 2023.