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BAFTA Television Craft Awards 2023: Alice Oseman on the success and Season 2 of Heartstopper

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If one show took 2022 by storm, it was 's . Adapted from the graphic novels by , the series follows teens Nick and Charlie as they each get to grips with their sexuality and blossoming feelings for each other. With Oseman also writing the script for the TV series, FILMHOUNDS caught up with them at the Television Craft Awards to find out more about their nomination and what's to come.


Huge congratulations on the series — I remember being at the launch of the third book and thinking you had something so special. How's it feel to be here [at BAFTA] now?

It's so mad. The show has changed my life completely in such an amazing way. It's been such a positive experience.


We've just had the year anniversary of Heartstopper — do you think that the success of a show like yours depends on the dynamics and connection of your cast and crew?

Absolutely. I think part of the reason the show turned out so well, is because we all feel like family. Everyone who's working on it is so passionate about the story and really cares about the characters, as well as each other as actors and cast members. It really felt like a passion project.


Are you over the Olivia Coleman involvement? Twitter went crazy the day that was announced!

Someone else kind of suggested her to be in production. And I was like, “That's ridiculous. There's no way. Why would she want to do that?” And then we just asked, and she said yes. That was crazy. But yeah, it's very special.


I know you're gonna be asked all the time, but Season two is around the corner. What can we expect?

So many things! Nick and Charlie have decided that they are boyfriends and Nick is still not out. So he's got more of a journey to go on — coming out and coming out as a couple as well. Also in Season 1, there's a little hint that something is going on between Tao and Elle. It's the beginning of the summer holidays, so in Season 2 we'll see where that goes.


Is there anything else this year that you're sort of working on that you're pleased to get going?

The next book of Heartstopper is my other main thing that's coming out, so while I'm not working on the show, I am at home everyday drawing.


Heartstopper Season 2 releases on 3rd August.