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Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Our Top 10 Picks For The Grand Final

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For hardcore fans of the Song Contest, there's no tune that beats the first few notes of the show's intro. It's kind of like a national anthem, only for the entirety of a continent (and Australia since 2013).

Whether it's the Buranovskiye Babushki of 2012 or the transcendent ABBA classic Waterloo of 1974, everyone has their favourite euro-bop — and now it's time to hedge our bets for the 2023 contest. With 37 countries competing for this year's glory, fans have been quick to weigh in on which contestants might be making it to the top.

If that wasn't enough, we're ready to give out our douze points… here are our top 10 favourite entries for 2023.

10. Piqued Jacks — Like An Animal (San Marino)

Bands have a mixed track record at Eurovision, but the soft-rock vibes of San Marino's Piqued Jacks are pretty hard to resist. Their entry Like An Animal feels as though you're blaring the latest F.U.N. song on your iPod touch in 2012, and we're absolutely here for the nostalgia. The boys are gorgeous and styled to perfection, with the fact the track sounds as though it should have debuted a decade ago only adding to its contest appeal (Petra and Mans said it first).

9. Pasha Parfeni — Soarele şi Luna (Moldova)

Previous winners such as Emmelie De Forrest's Only Teardrops highlight a country's traditional roots with successful flair, making Moldova's Soarele şi Luna ripe for top 10 pickings. It's not the first time that Pasha Parfeni has represented his country at the contest, having previously competed in 2013 (and having entered national selection competitions since 2009). Even if he isn't collaborating with the Sunstroke Project this year (who can resist Epic Sax Guy?), the song's heady mix of Moldovan riffs and punchy bass makes for a track that's definitely getting repeat plays.

8. Joker Out — Carpe Diem (Slovenia)

When it comes to Eurovision, Slovenia doesn't historically have much of a contest presence. They are the kind of country that dips in and out over the years, rounding out the rear while the Big 5 and euro-pop masters routinely take the 15 minutes of fame. Thankfully, Joker Out's pop-rock banger Carpe Diem is more than enough to get us jumping around in the fan pit like our lives depend on it. The music video has it all — representation, sexy dancefloor brooding, and an old man running around corridors looking like an abandoned puppy. Jonas Brothers who?

7. Noa Kirel — Unicorn (Israel)

It wouldn't be Eurovision without a pop diva taking centre stage to belt out a tune — and Israel's Noa Kirel is one of a few contestants who easily fit the bill. Her entry Unicorn is a delicious blend of Ariana Grande high notes, edgy sentence flow, and a killer chorus that's hitting exactly the message of empowerment it needs to. The last 50 seconds are where things really ramp up, transforming from a classic-contemporary pop hybrid into pounding beats that feel lifted straight from a K-pop anthem. As always, extra points for heelography.

6. La Zarra — Évidemment (France)

What's fantastic about Eurovision this year is that the contest's Big 5 are arguably each doing what they do best. For France's La Zarra, it's devilishly good slow-burn pop that oozes cool. La Zarra herself is the epitome of timeless style, with the song's minimalist yet classic visuals keeping the spotlight firmly on her — and an extremely well-crafted song. If Jessie Ware and Dita Von Teese (remember when she appeared in 2009?) had a baby, it would be Évidemment. Make sure you utilise the music video's subtitles to get the full beauty of the lyrics. Encore, s'il vous plaît.

5. Käärijä — Cha Cha Cha (Finland)

Why is Finland so damn good at alternative music? Though they sent The Rasmus last year with less-than-satisfactory results (let's be honest, they were never living up to In The Shadows), Käärijä is a blend of mystifying sexiness that introduces techno-rock to the competition. They've gone for a spot of Soldi shrewdness with this entry, with the titular repetition providing the ultimate hook for audiences to merrily chant along with. The staging could go either way judging by the live performances to date, but one thing's for certain — we won't be able to keep our eyes off of this shirtless black and green number.

4. Teya, Salena — Who The Hell Is Edgar? (Austria)

Sometimes, an iconic Eurovision song comes along that makes absolutely no sense (hello, Dancing Lasha Tumbai) and instantly becomes something you can't forget. Not only does Austria's Who The Hell Is Edgar? air on just the right side of euro-craziness, but singers Teya and Salena have impeccable vocals to back it all up. There's a lot of sonic gymnastics happening here — with the catchy chorus melding into a more operatic bridge — but it all seems perfectly fitting for a man who was once obsessed with ravens. The kitschy dance moves and gimmicky moustaches are the cherry on top of an incredibly camp cake.

3. Blanca Paloma — EAEA (Spain)

Some fans might say that Spain was never going to top Chanel's immaculate performance of 2022 3rd place entry SloMo the moment that curtain of sparks rained down on her two-thirds of the way in — and we'd be one of them. The only way they could top pop excellence was to go in a completely different direction, and with the absolutely astonishing vocals of Blanca Paloma, they might have just cracked it. Taking us back to the country's flamenco roots, EAEA is the sort of abstract excellence that makes it a Salvador Dali of music. Combined with its stripped-back yet haunting staging, this entry is sure to rank highly with the jury vote.

2. I Wrote A Song (United Kingdom)

Yes, you read that correctly… the U.K. gets our second place spot. Now that Lord Sam of Ryder has performed the miracle that is being our reigning runner-up, nothing seems impossible. Gone are the terrible days of Scooch and Jemini — with Mae Muller's camp, pop-girlie jam, we are a legitimate contender. It's a grower with a bridge that has possibly been written specifically to be drunkenly shouted in G-A-Y at 2 am, and Mae has proved that she has the chops to sing it all live. Amazingly, we'd put good money on placing in the top ten this year. EEK.

1. Tattoo (Sweden)

Be still our beating hearts… a Eurovision titan is about to step back onto the stage. After having won the most douze points in the contest's history with her victorious banger Euphoria, many fans claim that Loreen is one of the best winners of all time (yes, we agree). Though she didn't qualify in Sweden's national contest Melodifestivalen in 2017 with her song Statements, she's bounced back with the instantly winning-sounding Tattoo. Staging? Iconic. Outfits? Iconic. Song construction and vocals? You guessed it. The same magic seen in 2012 is entirely present for 2023. Whatever happens next month, we're about to see history unfold. Can Loreen be the next Johnny Logan? Of course she can.

The grand final of the will be broadcast live on Saturday 13th May.