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Exclusive | Avatar: The Way of Water VFX Team Talk Oscar Win

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As usual, the proved to be an eventful night with Everything Everywhere All At Once winning 7 awards including the coveted Best Picture at the 95th .

With 4 nominations, including for Best Picture, , only took home one award and that was for Best Visual Effects. However, everyone can agree that : The Way of Water is a visually spectacular film and thoroughly deserving of its win.

After stepping up onto the podium to collect their trophies, VFX Oscar winners , , and stopped by the press room and FILMHOUNDS were able to ask them a question about their monumental win.

With the film being in production for so long, FILMHOUNDS wanted to know if there was a worry that the technology would evolve and change so rapidly that by the time the film came out they might have been using old technology. Here's what they told is:

Joe Letteri: No no no, it's other way around.  When we're making a film like this, we're writing the technology to make it happen.  So, the ink's not dry by the time the movie is done.  So yeah, that's really not something we're worried about.  It's more the other way.  It's like, is this stuff going to work in time?

Richard Baneham:  If technology evolves, it's because of these guys.

Avatar: The Way of Water won one Academy Award.