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Pulp Fiction (4K Blu-ray Review)

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has been a director that, ever since the early 90s, has built a name for himself as one of the best people working in the industry. With nine films under his belt, each of them feels stylistically different while telling gripping stories with memorable characters. After making his directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs, the director followed himself up with what many believe to be his best film – . With the film now available on 4K Ultra-HD in time for Christmas, is the upgrade worth it?

Tarantino's second film follows several storylines involving a burger-loving hit man, his philosophical partner, a drug-addled gangster and his wife and a washed-up boxer who all converge through a series of events.


While the story itself is straightforward, Tarantino tells each story out-of-order which really helps keep each of them feel fresh, tightly written and gripping. Tarantino's dialogue all feels deliberately placed with lines inserted to get that laugh or have some dramatic weight to them. For a film that is over two and a half hours long, Pulp Fiction flies by as Tarantino's tightly written script carries the dialogue and the performances have become iconic since its release. 

Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Ving Rhames are all excellent as the centres of the story; each character feels so different to one another. The conversations between Willis' Butch and Ving Rhames' Marsellus Wallace are comedic gold and their story involving the Gimp is one of the most memorable movie moments of the last fifty years.


The brand new 4K disc looks amazing too. The image quality is sublime and the Dolby Vision restoration works incredibly well within the film. The Dolby Audio track also sounds superb on a great sound system. It also makes the upgrade worth the money!

When it comes to special features, there is an abundance to choose from! The 4K Ultra-HD disc includes:

  • Not the Usual Mindless Boring Getting to Know You Chit Chat (HD)
  • Here are Some Facts on the Fiction (HD)
  • Enhanced Trivia Track

While on the Blu-ray disc, there are several other special features available. Including:

  • Interviews with Cast
  • Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Pulp Fiction: The Facts” Featurette
  • Production Design Featurette
  • Siskel & Ebert “At the Movies – The Tarantino Generation”
  • Independent Spirit Awards Footage
  • Cannes Film Festival Footage
  • “The Charlie Rose Show” Tarantino Interview
  • Stills Galleries
  • Trivia Track
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Marketing Gallery
  • Soundtrack Chapters


Overall, the brand new restoration of Pulp Fiction is a must buy for fans of the film! The clarity and picture quality make it look outstanding and the Dolby Audio track sounds great. The abundance of special features also make the price tag seem reasonable for the amount of footage you're getting for your money.