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Police Story 3: Supercop (Blu-ray Review)

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is one of the most well-known and beloved martial artists in cinema and now, for the first time ever in the UK, 3: , the third film in the fantastic Police Story franchise will be available on Blu-ray from a brand new 4K restoration as part of the range.

After directing the first two films in the franchise, Chan steps down from directing duties as takes over, but that doesn't lead to any change in quality as Supercop is just as good as Police Story 2 and features some absolutely crazy stunt work from Chan and his crew. has even described this film as featuring the “greatest stunts filmed in any movie”.

joins the franchise as Inspector Yang Chien-Hua who has to team up with Jackie Chan's Chan Ka-Kui to go undercover to take down an international drug ring.

is just as impressive as its predecessors with incredible action sequences, unlike anything you'd see in modern Hollywood blockbusters, proving that Jackie Chan really is a master of his craft. And not only does this have some great set pieces, it has a lot of them. There's tons of action in Supercop, all of which are, well, super.


Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan together in a film should already be enough to make anyone want to watch it, but if that doesn't whet your appetite, knowing that the final set piece features helicopters, trains and buses and everyone involved on the verge of death makes it even more impressive. Not a green screen in sight and no CGI everywhere, it's the real deal and it's fantastic. That really is Jackie Chan hanging out of a helicopter with a train coming towards him.

This brand new release features a limited edition slipcase featuring new artwork from Darren Wheeling as well as a reversible sleeve featuring new and original poster artwork. It comes with the original 96 minute Hong Kong theatrical cut as well as the 91 minute long alternate US version plus a limited edition set of facsimile lobby cards.

As for special features, it also comes with two new audio commentary tracks. The first being with Asian film experts Frank Djeng (NY Asian Film Festival) and F. J. DeSanto or the other new commentary track with action cinema experts Mike Leeder and Arne Venema so there are plenty of different versions of the film you can watch on this Blu-ray.

In addition there's a new interview with Stunt Coordinator and Action Film Historian John Kreng, a new featurette on rarely seen Jackie Chan video games Kung Fu Master & Fists of Fire by Arne Venema and another new featurette on the filming locations of the Police Story trilogy.

To add to all these wonderful special features there are also archival interviews with Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Stanley Tong, Chan's long-time bodyguard and co-star Ken Lo that all last about 20 minutes each. The best of the extras has got to be the 50 minutes of outtakes that are great to see behind the scenes on some of the impressive action set pieces. As well as all this, the Blu-ray also comes with a limited edition collector's booklet featuring new writing from James Oliver.

: Supercop is released on Blu-ray from 26th September.